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YTG’s Trading Room

YTG has come with a unique concept of Online Live Trading Room for all its students to have a feel of real market. We would like to demonstrate that how the live trading with real money is different and it involves the real emotions.

YTG’s Online Live Trading Room will be open during the market hours and here are the key features:

  • The methods taught in the theory session would be helpful in Live Market and our trainer would thoroughly demonstrate it and taught how to actually use it during LIVE market.
  • Nifty & Banknifty will be analyzed by our Key Trainer Ms. Kirti Agrawal to give confidence to the students.
  • Charting software, training & support.
  • Risk Management in Live Market.
  • Controlling emotions & acting upon the price action.
  • Intraday & Swing Trades
  • How probabilistic mindset works in changing market conditions.
  • Dealing with sideways market.
  • Cutting the noise & staying focused & disciplined
  • Use of the events or news to optimize the results.
  • All the star entries taken & analyzed will be sent via SMS.
  • There will be 20 sessions in a month during the live market.

Our LIVE Market Trading sessions also cover following topics :

  • Introduction to financial markets - Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodity and Forex
  • Basic Terminology
  • Sector Rotation
  • Fundamental Analysis of Stocks
  • Technical analysis for Chart reading in details
  • Practical implantation of Candlesticks & Important Patterns.
  • Market Indicators & Oscillators
  • Money Zones : Buy Zones , Sell Zones
  • Stocks screening Techniques
  • Risk Management in details
  • Position Sizing
  • Parts Of trading : Entry , Exit & Stop
  • Types of Trading
  • How to know which type of trading style suits your personality
  • Components of successful trading
  • Trading Plan
  • Introduction to the future & Options
  • Unlocking the potential of futures & Options
  • An Introduction to Commodity & Currency Markets. Important Commodities & Currency Pairs.
  • YTG's four Trading Stratigies
  • Market Traps
  • Market Gaps
  • Logging & Reviewing of your trading Plan
  • Free trading account opening & Trading Platform
  • Settings of Charting Software
  • LIVE trading sessions
  • Guided Meditation for Traders
  • Preparation before events, important announcements , their impact & strategy to deal with such occasions
Sessions Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday
Morning – 9.30 am to 10.30 am Live Intraday & Swing Trading Live Intraday & Swing Trading Live Intraday & Swing Trading Live Intraday & Swing Trading Live Intraday & Swing Trading

Please note:

  • Payment done are non-refundable. Credit card EMI available.
  • Please note, Stock Market Trading and Investments are Subject to market risks. Please understand risk and learn before doing any trading or Investment.

To subscribe to the trading room or for queries, contact us :

Kalpana – 9171166445


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