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Online – YTG’s One Month Index Master Class Course With Live Trading Sessions By Kirti Agrawal (Professional Trader & Coach) who has trained thousands of traders in last 6 years , she is an index specialist & will teach you how to trade nifty & banknifty profitably .

Major Parts Of Our "Index MasterClass" Course Programme

  • Trading Psychology
  • Money Management & Risk Management
  • Quantity Manipulation
  • The Magic Of Candlesticks
  • General Market Tendencies
  • YTG's Elite Strategy
  • Type of Market Days
  • YTG's Star Strategy
  • YTG's Signature Strategy
  • Market Traps For Traders

Topics to be covered

  • Trading Psychology - Make up your trading mindset. How to overcome the mental hurdles while trading. How to have controlled emotions to boost your trading performance. With guided trading meditations.
  • Money Management & Risk management - An art of surviving in the markets and expanding trading profits. Learn how professionals traders manage their “funds” and “Risk” in the market.
  • Quantity Manipulation : An Skill which changes the trading outcome tremendously.
  • The Magic of Candlesticks – Learn how to talk to the candles , what are the important candlesticks setups which actually works in the market , How to know strength or weakness and exhaustion by looking at the chart.
  • General Market Tendencies –(Part-1): Important areas from where market always turns.
  • General Market Tendencies –(Part-2): Buy Zones ,Sell Zones ,Indicators – RSI & ADX.
  • YTG's Elite Strategy - Style of professional trader to beat the market using Pivot boss.
  • Type of Market Days - Plan your trading day well if you access the type of trading day today could turn as.
  • YTG's Star Strategy - How to take all star entries using Camarilla Equation.
  • YTG Signature Strategy : How to use a combination of moving averages to plan your entries & to ride your profits.
  • The Traps - All you need to know who is on the other side. If you don’t know who is trapped in market , may be you are one of them.

Our LIVE Market Trading sessions will cover following topics :

  • Introduction to financial markets - Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodity and Forex
  • Basic Terminology
  • Sector Rotation
  • Fundamental Analysis of Stocks
  • Technical analysis for Chart reading in details
  • Practical implantation of Candlesticks & Important Patterns.
  • Market Indicators & Oscillators
  • Money Zones : Buy Zones , Sell Zones
  • Stocks screening Techniques
  • Risk Management in details
  • Position Sizing
  • Parts Of trading : Entry , Exit & Stop
  • Types of Trading
  • How to know which type of trading style suits your personality
  • Components of successful trading
  • Trading Plan
  • Introduction to the future & Options
  • Unlocking the potential of futures & Options
  • An Introduction to Commodity & Currency Markets. Important Commodities & Currency Pairs.
  • YTG's four Trading Stratigies
  • Market Traps
  • Market Gaps
  • Logging & Reviewing of your trading Plan
  • Free trading account opening & Trading Platform
  • Settings of Charting Software
  • LIVE trading sessions
  • Guided Meditation for Traders
  • Preparation before events, important announcements , their impact & strategy to deal with such occasions

Here are the details of our "Index Masterclass" Course

  • It an online one year program
  • All students will be provided the recorded training with ID & Password.
  • Once they complete the recorded training they can attend the LIVE training.
  • Students can attend LIVE training 3 times in a year.
  • Once they complete the theory part they will be redirected to the LIVE Trading Floor where our mentors trade & analyze every day in front of all our students for 1 month.
  • And lastly there will be a doubt solving session every Sunday for 1 year.

Please note:

  • Stock Market Trading and Investments are subject to market risks.
  • Please understand market risk, and learn before doing any trading or investing
  • Advance payments are non-refundable
  • Conditions Apply

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