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About Us

Kirti Agarwal is a successful full – time professional stock market trader and trainer. She has a market experience of more than 10+ years and she quit her corporate job and started training traders online as she want people to live their own kind of life . She taught thousands of students offline, who are trading successfully and some of them turned full time traders as well .

After spending several years of successful trading, now she has come up with her Special Signature Style of teaching, training & improving the psychology of traders. Her aim is to enlighten the path of many novice and experienced traders so that they can reach their ultimate goal in life.

Her Early Days

Ms Kirti Agarwal was an engineering student , she shares her experience in the manner that since her 1st year of Engineering she started learning about Stock Market. She learned from some of the India’s most famous traders and practiced under them for years. She read around 100 books of Stock Market and still learning as she believs that “Learning is an endless process and especially in trading every weekend should be utilised to finish a book.” In her words “Trading is my passion and all my dedication is towards trading.”

Her Mission

Indian Market is an emerging market where more and more young people are willing to make their career every year as a trader. Now days young as well as other groups of people are interested in learning and becoming skilled. Her mission to train atleast 1 lakh people across the globe who can fulfil their dreams and learn to make money themselves by getting skilled as a trader She reveals the real potential of trading by sharing her experiences, techniques, powerful strategies and most important the improved psychology and mindset required for trading.

Her Core Values

  • Making young and professional traders successful and helping them to fulfil their dreams by honest sharing of our trading experiences.
  • Teaching techniques in a simpler manner which can be learned by one and all. The simplest, the best.
  • Be skilled, disciplined, dedicated & faithful. Get the trading success.
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